My (Two Page) Cover Letter For The Dispensary Where I Now Work

Annie Altman

September 4, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager,

While the word “high” is often used regarding cannabis, I tend to experience the exact opposite — grounding. My relationship with cannabis began with a complete rejection of it, and moved to a deep reverence of cannabis and all plants that only continues to grow (pun intended). Cannabis has been, not hyperbolically, life-changing for me. Along with yoga asana and mindful food choices, I credit cannabis for allowing me to let go of an almost ten year relationship with antidepressants. (For the record I am in support of people using any tools to support themselves, so long as those tools do not cause harm to others.) Cannabis has been directly therapeutic for me, and has also led me to an open-mindedness about other therapeutic practices. I am passionate about the cannabis movement, and view it as directly connected to other movements with which I am involved. I would love to get involved with LAPCG.

I moved to LA a month ago and, as my application shows, I’ve recently moved around a lot. I went to college believing I would then go to medical school and become a physician, most likely a psychiatrist. Two years ago I decided to reroute my life towards a creative path, and I’ve been feeling my “most me” ever since. While change is uncomfortable, I am grateful to let go of the strict life plan I set out for myself — I am truly astonished by the opportunities I’ve received.

I’ve been working the past year on a philosophy stand-up show about how no one knows how to be a human being though there are themes all humans seem to encounter in their lives. The show is my form of activism — showing the interconnection of all things including science and spirituality, the consequences of capitalism in healthcare, education, and “rehabilitation” services, and the importance of plants as medicine. As plants cannot be patented, putting time and money towards outreach, education, and distribution is critical.

I also recently began a philosophy podcast called True Shit*, where many of these ideas have been and will be discussed. (I would love to have any LAPCG people who are interested on the podcast!) The podcast is a practice of The Humanual, and my goal is to bring forward as many different perspectives as possible to encourage people to think differently. When it comes to projects and topics I am passionate about — of which cannabis is certainly one — I have no shortage of energy.

Moving to LA feels like a culmination of my past two years of adventuring, and I am seeking a reciprocal support system where I may integrate what I’ve been learning. I am looking to root down and to give myself a strong foundation here in LA to continue pursuing my creative interests. While use of cannabis helps to ground me, I believe involving myself with it in new ways will deepen my roots. I would love to support a business supporting cannabis legalization and distribution, to help people medicate with cannabis, and to surround myself with a community of people passionate about cannabis education and distribution.

I am extremely detail-oriented, reliable, and extroverted. I am determined, focused, and curious to say the least. I love to see how systems work and how I can help support them, I love interacting with new people, and I live the cliche of loving learning on a daily basis. Every time I have been in a position of “teaching” or providing information to someone in any form, I find that I end up learning more from the person I get to communicate with. While I know cover letters are “supposed” to talk more about what you could do for a company rather than what they could do for you (and only be one page long…) it feels inauthentic not to acknowledge the encouragement to grow I would receive at LAPCG.

I believe my laboratory, customer service, and yoga teaching experiences would combine towards useful contributions for LAPCG. I can see myself as an approachable, communicative, and knowledgeable budtender, and would also be open to assisting with writing, promotion, and social media tasks. I feel strongly aligned with the mission statement of LAPCG and would be so grateful for the opportunity to talk to someone in person! Thank you for reading!


Annie Altman

*the podcast has since been renamed to “The Annie Altman Show”