The Annie Altman Show is field research for the Hum|Annie:

an interactive stand-up comedy musical philosophy show— from the perspective of a human called Annie— about how no one ever fully "figures out" how to human, how there’s themes to the human experience, and how maximizing resource equity minimizes human suffering.  


The Hum|Annie Themes

The Hum|Annie connects the human experience using 10 overarching themes:

Consciousness, Choice, Change, Compassion, Communication, Community, Creation, Charge, Curiosity, and Courage


The 10 C’s offer a perspective by which to approach humaning—


Humaning (verb) : the doings of human beings.


We’re all connected.


By celebrating the entire spectrum of humaning— we can all grow together.

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.
— Ram Dass