The Annie Altman Show is field research for the Hum|Annie; an interactive stand-up comedy musical philosophy show— from the perspective of a human called Annie— about how no one ever fully "figures out" how to human.  


The Hum|Annie Themes

The Hum|Annie connects the human experience using 10 overarching themes:

Consciousness, Choice, Change, Compassion, Communication, Community, Creation, Charge, Curiosity, and Courage

I’ve found that the 10 C’s can offer a perspective by which to approach the truths behind humaning—


Humaning (verb) : the doings of human beings.


Some truths I’ve found thus far:

  1. (Consciousness) The truth is simple, lies are complicated. 

2. (Choice) The truth will come out eventually.

3. (Change) Objectivity is the sum of subjectivities, meaning humans collectively create truths.

4. (Compassion) Most “truths” are social constructs.

5. (Communication) Social constructs can be helpful and harmful.

6. (Community) Science and spirituality have the same intentions.

7. (Creation) Vulnerability is strength and shame is ineffective.

8. (Charge) Life is for the living.

9. (Curiosity) Love really is everything and all you need.

10. (Courage) Love exists in reality and reality is confined by the economy. We can create an ethical economy by removing capitalism from education, healthcare, and rehabilitation.

We’re all connected.


By celebrating the entire spectrum of humaning— we can all grow together.

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.
— Ram Dass