The Macro Mission


The Annie Altman Show project is about exploring the human experience, remembering connection, and practicing love as a verb. Focusing on what connects us as humans-- our truths, our joys, and our challenges-- reveals that individual human experiences are more similar than they are different. 

We are all born, we will all die, and we all need other humans along the way. Focusing on connection invites space for empathy for ourselves and for others. Empathy asks us to take responsibility for humanity as a whole-- for the “us.” 

The Annie Altman Show project reminds us that this planet and all life on it relies on symbiotic systems. The current societal structures demonstrate how humans have forgotten this symbiosis. We have the opportunity to create societal systems that embody sustainability and to enact equity as a human right. Equality pursues fairness by treating everyone the same. Equity promotes fairness by starting everyone at the same baseline. 

An equitable world means all humans have the same foundation. Basic needs-- food, water, and shelter-- are labeled as such because they are necessary for survival. Acknowledging the term “basic resources” affirms that the most effective way to minimize human suffering is to maximize the equitable distribution of resources. There are more than enough resources for everyone, and there are the means to distribute them. The Internet and technology are evolutionarily new tools that we can use to create systems that give everyone the full opportunity to human.

Hurt people hurt people, 

and helping anyone helps everyone. 

Addressing injustices requires nonviolent action. Sometimes this action is sharing vulnerably about our human experience, sometimes it involves changing policies. My mission is to monetize The Annie Altman Show project and the Hum|Annie to align with other forces already contributing towards an equitable world.



The Micro Mission


The Annie Altman Show project is a variety of my practices in exploring my human experience, remembering connection, and practicing love as a verb. By openly discussing what connects my inner parts— their truths, their joys, and their challenges— I believe I can create a more equitable Self. 

Beginning with addressing my insecurities about vulnerability, asking for help, and accepting love.

Also, my insecurities about the unknowable future and the unchangeable past.

(What’s up, present moment awareness?)  

Also also by redirecting the energy I placed on making rules about food (and all life) towards increasing distribution of food (and all life) resources. 

I have no clue what the exact concrete steps are towards creating a more equitable world, and I only have guesses about my part in the process. I’m here with the skills that I have— talking with people, asking questions, singing, moving, laughing, making faces, making food, and creating content— offering what I can as an act of activism. This project is my current humaning practice, reminding myself that everything and one is connected.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
— Martin Luther King Jr.