The Macro Mission


This project is about exploring and exposing the human experience. By openly discussing what connects us-- our truths, our joys, and our challenges-- I believe we can create a more equitable world. 

We’re all connected.

Talking about inequalities and inequities (and other things we tend to shy away from talking about: money, sex, birth, death, feelings) also requires talking about what we have in common: we’re all humans.

Humans human optimally when their basic needs-- food, water, and shelter-- are met. What’s up, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs!


The Earth was here before humans and will still be here after humans. What we can do with our time and space here is give everyone the full opportunity to thrive. There are enough resources for everyone, and there exists the means to distribute all of the resources. 

Addressing injustices requires (nonviolent) action-- they cannot be zenned away.

Both scientific and spiritual communities agree: the most effective way to minimize suffering is to maximize equity. Equality promotes fairness through treating everyone the same-- equity means everyone starting at the same baseline.


Optimizing one human optimizes all humans. Any human experiencing harm ultimately harms everyone. Hurt people hurt people, and helping anyone helps everyone.

We create the guidelines about How To: Human, both individually and collectively. We create the structures within which more humans are created. Equity is a human right. 

The Internet is one tool that can be used to catalyze this process -- it’s already happening. 

I’m saying no new things-- I’m doing my best to organize lots of things in a newish way. The Earth, and humans, depend on symbiotic systems. Perhaps if enough people talk about enough about interconnection, priorities will shift to reflect that in actions. 

My mission is to monetize the Hum|Annie as a financial force towards the creation of a more equitable world, aligning with other forces already contributing towards the equitable distribution of basic resources. I’d be humbled if you’d join me.


The Micro Mission


This project is about exploring and exposing my human experience. By openly discussing what connects my inner parts— their truths, their joys, and their challenges— I believe I can create a more equitable Self. 

Beginning with addressing my insecurities— about food and about life.

Also, my insecurities about vulnerability, asking for help, and accepting love.

Also, also, my insecurities about the unknowable future and the unchangeable past.

(What’s up, present moment awareness?)  

I have no clue what the concrete steps are towards ending food insecurity and increasing equity worldwide, and I only have guesses about my part in the process. I’m here with the skills that I have— talking with people, asking questions, singing, moving, laughing, making faces, making food, and creating content— offering what I can as an act of activism. This project is my current humaning practice, reminding myself that everything and one is connected.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
— Martin Luther King Jr.