Some truths I’ve found in my C explorations:

 1. Consciousness: The truth is simple, lies are complicated. We’re only aware of what we’re aware of while we’re aware. Consciousness has layers.

2. Choice: The truth will come out eventually. We can choose to embrace reality or avoid it until it comes back around (soon). We choose our responses to our reactions.

3. Change: Objectivity is the sum of subjectivities, meaning humans collectively create truths. The truth changes depending on who you ask. Some individual truths are going to keep changing.

4. Compassion: Most “truths” are social constructs. Constructs make our labels, and labels can be used to connect or divide. Constructs can be made with empathy.

5. Communication: Social constructs can be helpful and harmful. As constructs are labels, how we discuss these labels is important. Communication happens in many forms.

6. Community: Humans are truly social creatures. Science and spirituality have the same intentions: bettering humanity. Community serves to teach, support, and minimize human suffering.

7. Creation: Vulnerability is strength and shame is ineffective. Experience makes emotions makes experience— art imitates life imitates art. Creation and consumption are cyclical.

8. Charge: Life is for the living. There is an electric/electromagnetic/energetic/pick-your-word charge to life and there is an energetic exchange charge.

9. Curiosity: Love really is everything and all you need. An inquisitive mind makes space. Exploring leads to more to be curious about.

10. Courage: Love exists in reality and reality is partially defined by the economy. Globalization reminds us that the economy knows no country lines. Profiting from healthcare, education, and prison systems is unethical— these are all human rights.  

The C’s are connected, and each C theme exists in connection.