Season 3

Season 2


Hello and welcome to The Annie Altman Show, the podcast formerly known as True Shit. My name is Annie Altman and I really enjoy asking people questions about what this whole being human experience is like for them. This podcast is field research for The HumAnnie, an interactive stand-up comedy musical philosophy show about how no one ever fully knows how to be a human being.

If you’re listening to this now, you’re fortunate enough to choose your truth. I choose to believe that objectivity is the sum of subjectivities, meaning humans collectively create truth. 


Season 1


Hello, my name is Annie Altman and I’ve spent my life on a quest for true shit. So far I’ve learned that “the truth hurts” is some true shit, and that there is no ultimate true shit because my truth is different from someone else’s truth and my truth now is different from my truth a year ago. Some true shit that has held up over time: 1) be honest, the true shit will come out eventually and lying only complicates things 2) the truth is simple and lies are complicated 3) be kind and treat people how you want to be treated. If you are uninterested in someone else imposing their true shit onto you, do your best to be mindful of imposing your true shit onto others. This show is basically an opportunity for me to shoot the shit about things I want to shoot the shit about with people I want to shoot the shit with. Thanks for listening to me practice humaning. 

When you know how to listen, everyone is the guru.
— Ram Dass