Like George Carlin, “I love individuals. I hate groups of people.” I am on a selfish mission to witness the end of world hunger. 1) because it can be done and 2) because that is the proof I need to have faith in humanity.

I have zero direct plans for this mission. I like to talk with people, to sing, to move, to laugh, to make food, to make faces, and to create things contributing towards the creation of Hum|Annie and that’s my best idea towards contributing to my selfish mission right now. 

The Annie Altman Show is field research for Hum|Annie, a stand-up comedy musical philosophy show (from the perspective of a human called Annie) about how no one every fully "figures out" humaning.  

Hum|Annie offers the perspective that this human experience has themes: consciousness, choice, change, compassion, communication, community, creation, charge, curiosity, and courage.

(You can C it in the bell-curve graph, for the sense-of-humor-and-fun-possessing-science-minded, and “this human experience” means “love,” for the challenged-to-astral-project-into-the-physical-realm-spiritually-minded.)

Spiritually and scientifically, everything is connected. Also spirituality and science have the same goals and intentions. Also also both know - when not corrupted by bull$$$hit - that helping anyone helps everyone. It’s past time to end food insecurity!!! The most effective way to minimize violence is to maximize resource equity, and food is just one very tangible example.

Prioritizing resource equity involves openly discussing being human.

We're all much more similar than different, "better" and "worse" are made up, and everyone has something to offer. By celebrating the entire spectrum of humaning we can all grow together.

You’re allowed to enjoy yourself. What else are you doing? Reminding you to remind myself.


Hi! My name is Annie Altman.

I love putting my legs up the wall, the smell of homemade cookies, and the feeling when you make someone laugh without knowing what you said or did.

When I was little I’d ask my mom for art projects. I still love making things with my feelings - movement, music, writing, comedy, and food.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri with three older brothers. I went to a private high school and was super anal about mostly everything. I went to the East Coast for college where I majored in Biopsychology and minored in dance. I took all the classes to apply to medical school, before peacing out of that path while killing mice in a neuroscience lab. I worked in a psychology lab and then for a community supported agriculture company.

I did a yoga teacher training on the Big Island of Hawaii and moved there five months later. I lived in a car, by privileged choice, for three months and taught heated vinyasa.

I currently live in Los Angeles.

I can often be found writing down things my friends say, asking questions, and making goofy facial expressions.